My often boundless passion for life has led me to many wondrous places, people and experiences. This site may be quite plain, but don’t be fooled; it’s only to focus on the current list of “Most Passionate” in my waking reality:

• Director at the BOTANICAL LEGAL DEFENSE, fighting plants rights.
• The resident Kava Guru over at the new KAVA.GURU website.
• My BUILDING MY OWN AIRPLANE  diary of my homebuilt Sportsman 2+2.
• My WaveFront Mastering facility in CA for mastering records.
• My Spiritual Practice and MYZEN.ORG; the only site I currently update.
• My KONA KAVA FARM in Hawaii for organic Kava Kava and vegan chocolate.
• My ENTHEOLOGY project to help preserve Shamanic Knowledge.
• My DreamHerbs website on lucid dreaming; something I adore vastly.
• My Piloting Planes and Helicopters, as well as Diving, and Surfing.
• My Motion Graphics “50 Projects in 50 Days” training.
• My Photo Journals, my Paintings and Books In Progress.

It’s difficult to squeeze all the things I find so much joy in.  I was lucky enough to produce records for most major labels and bands I adored for most of my life.  In the early 2000′s I had a life-changing spiritual experience that shifted my focus to the preservation, research, and spreading the word of Shamanism.  This included the rituals, and the sacred plants used for Shamanic rituals, while exploring the clarity that the shamanic experience of non-duality has given me.  That passion began from a vision, and has never wavered, bringing me a richness in my life that I never would have imagined possible.  It’s taken me to many corners of the world, to Shaman and Non-Duality Conferences, to Shamanic Rituals in the Amazon Rainforest, to forming my Peruvian Coalition, to inspiring me to write a number of articles on the subject, to becoming a Director at the BOTANICAL LEGAL DEFENSE.  I’m always excited to see what the Universe has in store for me next, and that passion evolved into my spiritual practice, which is very deeply-rooted in the often-misunderstood Zen tradition.

On a side note of sorts, I’ve authored well over 1,000 articles in the past decade of writing, much of which I never take credit for.  Below is a very partial list of entire websites, or articles on various topics, usually related to religion, entheogens, and spiritual experiences that I’ve written:

• My own TABLE OF CONTENTS page for this website.
• The entire ENTHEOLOGY.COM and ENTHEOLOGY.ORG websites.
• The entire IAMSHAMAN and SHAMANSGARDEN websites.
• The KAVA GURU blog; a new favorite writing pastime of mine.
• My DREAMHERBS.COM website; plants and techniques for lucid dreaming!