9/11 TIMELINE: 2001

1 JAN 2001

- Paul O'Neill reveals that at Bush's first National Security Council meeting topic "A" was how to take out Saddam.  ("60 Minutes").


25 JAN 2001

- Frank A. De Martini, Manager of WTC Construction and Project Management, says in a documentary, World Trade Center - A Modern Marvel, that the WTC twin towers were designed to withstand a crash from a fully loaded Boeing 707, the largest aircraft at the time, and believes it could sustain multiple hits from jetliners, comparing it to poking a pencil through mosquito netting. (9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Told”)

- Counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke warns the Bush administration in a memo about the threat al Qaeda poses. – MAYBE THIS IS BECAUSE THE ADMINSITRATION ALREDY KNEW WHAT WAS TO HAPPEN ON 11 SEP 2001.




31 JAN 2001

- Secret memo outlining a “Post Saddam Iraq” was released.


1 FEB 2001

- CIA Director George Tenet testifies in front of Congress that Iraq posed no threat to the U.S and its allies.


– Colin Powell stated that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction


APRIL 2001

– NORAD – Says that it is too unrealistic that a 757 could crash into the Pentagon.


MAY 2001

- U.S. gives $43 million to Afghanistan and becomes the largest donor to Afghanistan for two years in a row.


JUNE 2001

– DEPT of DEFENSE initiates new instructions for military intervention in the case of a hijacking.  It changed the rules to state that all non-immediate responses now need to get permission from the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.  This was the first time this rule was changed since since 1997.


JULY 2001

– Attorney General John Ashcroft starts flying exclusively on chartered jets for the remainder of his term due to a threat assessment by the FBI.


– Condoleeza Rice – We can keep arms from Saddam


- A 40-year-old Federal Aviation Administration rule that allowed commercial airline pilots to be armed was inexplicably rescinded two months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.




4 JULY 2001

– Osama Bin Laden, wanted by the USA since 1998 receives medical attention at the American Hospital in Dubai.  Was also visited by a local chief of the CIA.  He could have been arrested on the spot - and there would be no excuses for a war against terrorism. He was not arrested. The rest, of course, is history - with an al-Qaeda hand in the screenplay."





10 JULY 2001

-  FBI agent Kenneth Williams urges the bureau's headquarters in his "Phoenix memo" to investigate Middle Eastern men enrolled in American flight schools who are supporters of Osama bin Laden, suggesting the schools could be used for terror operations. – MAYBE THE US GOVERNMENT DIDN’T WANT THEM STOPPED!


15 JULY 2001

– Controlled Demolition, Inc. destroyed 2 tall side by side tanks for no reason


23 JULY 2001

- Suspected Sept. 11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), receives a U.S. visa despite U.S. authorities chasing him since 1994 and a 1996 indictment linking him with earlier terrorist plots.


24 JULY 2001

– Larry A Silverstein – WTC Owner, signs a 3.2 billion dollar, 99 year lease on the entire WTC complex 6 weeks before 9/11.  Included in the lease is a 3.5 billion dollar insurance policy specifically covering acts of terrorism.


25 JULY 2001

- During the months of July and August 2001, Alex Jones ran a campaign which he dubbed 'Expose the Government Terrorists' on both his TV and radio shows. He encouraged people to call the White House and tell them not to go ahead and launch the staged terror attack that would become the foundation of their push for martial law.

On Wednesday July 25th 2001, during a taping of Alex's local cable access TV show in Austin, Texas, he elaborated on how the Globalists were set to use their operative Osama bin Laden and that the preparations for a terror attack were in their final stages.




6 AUG 2001

- Presidential daily briefing (PDB)—entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” was presented to President Bush by the CIA.


3 SEPT 2001

- Salman Rushdie says US authorities banned him from taking internal flights a week before the terrorist attacks.  He thinks officials were aware of an imminent terrorist strike.


6 SEP 2001

– 3150 put options are placed on United Airlines.  This means that someone is betting that the stocks will drop within a week.  This is more than 4 times the dailt average for put options.




– Heightened security alert detail was removed from WTC.  Bomb sniffing dogs were removed as well!  All of the security teams working at the WTC thought that this was extremely odd.


- Some of the put options placed on United Airlines stock were purchased through the investment banking firm of “Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown” in which the current Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, used to be the company's CEO up until 1998.


7 SEP 2001

- Strange unannounced visits by government officials to the WTC over the next few days

- 27.294 put options placed on Boeing stock, more than 5 times the daily average.

- Jeb Bush signs a two year Florida executive emergency order four days before attacks.  Florida is under martial law and will remain so until this EO (executive order) is revoked.


10 SEP 2001

- American Airlines put options 4,516, 11 times the daily volume for the year.


- Evan Thomas reported that top brass Pentagon officials cancelled their flight plans for


- Willie Brown got a call from Condoleza Rice…don’t fly on 11 SEPT.


- All urologists replaced by Special Team to host Osama Bin Laden.


- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces that the Pentagon has lost track of $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS of military spending.


- The Massachusetts Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, one of the first teams deployed to the WTC, arrives late in the evening of SEPTEMBER 10th, and goes into action the following morning on 9/11 according to task force member Tom Kenney on a Dan Rather taped interview that aired on 13 SEPT 2001.

11 SEP 2001 - MORNING

- National Recon Office in Chantilly


- Northern Vigilance – NORAD moved fighters to Alaska and Northern Canada to fight an imaginary Russian fleet.


- 3 f-16’s next to the Pentagon are flown 150 nautical miles away to NC. This left just 14 fighter jets to protect the entire United States.


- Five hours after the Pentagon was hit, Rumsfeld wrote aids requesting "best info fast.  Judge whether good enough hit SH".


- The WTC 7's fire alarm system is placed on "TEST" mode for an eight hour period for "maintenance or other testing" in which any alarms that are received from the system are not shown on the operator’s display and are considered the result of the maintenance or testing and are ignored.


- WTC janitor William Rodriguez was working in the basement area of the North Tower when he hears a large explosion from the floors below him seconds before the first plane crashes into the top of the building, rescues a fellow worker who is severely burnt from the blast below, and also hears various explosions from the 20th trough the 30th floors included the 34th floor which was completely empty due to a "construction project".










- WTC worker Mike Pecoraro and a co-worker, who were in the basement of the North Tower, sees "white smoke" begin to fill the room after a loud explosion and believes a bomb went off on the basement floors above him after he witnesses that the machine shop on Level C was totally destroyed and a 50 ton hydraulic press there was "gone", sees that the parking garage the floor above had been totally destroyed, and sees that both lobbies of the North and South Towers were heavily damaged too.




11 SEP 2001 - DAY

- 2 planes landed at Cleveland/Hopkins airport


- United said one of the flights was flight 93


- Flight 93 – United Plane…no plane, no evidence of a jet, 15-20 ft long, 10 feet wide


- Coroner for Wally County…went home after 20 minutes…there were no bodies


- No black boxes found, yet a passport from one of the terrorists survived and landed on the street of NYC.


- “Behind the Scenes” – GROUND ZERO – We found THREE Black Boxes.


- I was taking firefighters up to 24th floor…bombs went off on every floor.


- Eyewitness – explosion of floors 7, 8, explosion on floors 10-13


- Chief Palmer – 78th floor, South Tower.  If fireballs came down the hermetically sealed elevator shafts as claimed by the Federal Government, blowing out the walls and lobby of the WTC, then how did firefighters get up to the 78th floor?


- Columbia University - 2.1 earthquake reading indicates that charges placed at the base of the structure, connected to the Earth.  An airplane would not cause that kind of seismic reading.  It had to be an earthquake or explosives.


- Two of Mohamed Atta's pieces of luggage, containing incriminating evidence, were the only luggage of the 81 passengers aboard Flight 11 that didn't make it onto the plane.


- Diesel fuel tanks were reportedly stored on the 88th floor of the south tower.


- A group of young men were witnessed on top of a white van celebrating while they were filming themselves with the burning WTC in the background in which they were later arrested and identified as Israeli citizens -- some later found to be Israeli spies -- with one saying upon being arrested, "We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem." They were found with large amounts of cash, a box cutter, multiple foreign passports, maps linking them to the blasts, and a bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if detecting explosives in their van.




-  (9:35 am) For the second time of the day, Donald Rumsfeld predicts another terrorist attack right before it happens and correctly predicts it will happen to the Pentagon.


- (9:37 am) Flight 77 is said to have crashed right in the middle of the only renovated section of the Pentagon being renovated to bolster it against an attack traveling at 530 mph, which at the time this section housed the fewest people in the entire building, important budget information was located in the damaged area, the attack came near the end of the fiscal year, and a large number of those killed there were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts.


- Witnesses at the Pentagon report that the aircraft that crashed into the Pentagon sounded and/or behaved like a missile.








- Witnesses of the Pentagon crash describe seeing an aircraft very different from a Boeing 757.








- CNN correspondent Jamie McIntyre reporting live from the Pentagon says that there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the building.


- The lawn in front of the Pentagon is unscathed…a physical impossibility.



- Witnesses at the Pentagon report no plane at the crash site.




- Experienced air traffic controllers thought that the alleged Boeing 757 that was flying towards the Pentagon flew like a "military jetfighter."


- Flight 77 is allegedly flown into the Pentagon by 28 year old Saudi Arabian Hani Hanjour who has never flown a Boeing 757 in real life, was described by many of his former flight instructors as a "horrible pilot," is the only alleged hijacker to not have a passenger number or seat assignment, is thought that he might not have had a ticket to get on board the plane, and was unable to rent a single-engine Cessna 172 one month before the attacks because he had trouble controlling and landing it during a flight test.




- A Pentagon rescuer mentions how "eerie" it was that the Pentagon's MASCAL emergency plane crash plan that he had trained twice for was "very similar to what actually happened".


- Personnel from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center who helped the rescuing efforts at the Pentagon also say that it was "eerie" how an emergency situation they went through just two weeks before the attack helped prepare them for the Pentagon crash.


- Andrews Air Force Base, home to the D.C. Air National Guard and Air Force One,  is only 15 miles away from the Pentagon, but supposedly had no jetfighters on alert and couldn't manage to scramble any of it's fighters units (121st Fighter Squadron, Naval Air Facility, and Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 321) in the air until after the Pentagon was hit.


- (10:03 - 10:06 am) Flight 93 is said to have crashed in a empty field in the rural town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania traveling at 580 mph reportedly after the passengers on board tried to take over the plane from the alleged hijackers, yet the mayor of the town said he saw no evidence of plane wreckage at the crash site and there is a dispute about what time the crash was.


- FOX News video at Flight 93 crash scene shows witness saying there was nothing that could "distinguish that a plane had crashed there."


- Somerset county coroner Wallace Miller, who was working at the crash site of allegedly Flight 93, said it looked as if someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped trash into it, said there was nothing visible of human remains and that it was as if the plane had "stopped and let the passengers off before it crashed," and also said that the most eerie thing about the site was that he hadn't seen a "single drop of blood" there.




- Various people in or near the WTC twin towers reports flashes, bombs and explosions going off before the towers collapse.






















- Guilinani got a warning tha the towers were going to collapse




- Video coverage shows Palestinians rejoicing over news of the 9/11 attacks, but later the celebrations were found out to have been staged.


- Larry Silverstein, the WTC leaseholder, said he decided that the smartest thing to do to the WTC 7 was to "pull it" when a NYFD commander told him that he wasn't sure they were going to be able to contain the fire in the building and said after they made the decision to "pull" the WTC 7, they "watched the building collapse."  The term "pull" was used to describe the demolition of the WTC 6 days later.




- The 47-story WTC 7 mysteriously collapses even though no plane crashed into it and its collapse hardly gets any media attention.


- President Bush's cousin, Jim Pierce, escaped death from the WTC thanks to a "schedule change" the night before.


12 SEP 2001

- Bush asks Richard Clarke, "Go back over everything, everything.  See if Saddam did this, if he is linked in any way." (Richard Clarkes'  Book, "Against All Enemies")


- Before it was even clear who was behind the attacks, Donald Rumsfeld insisted at a Cabinet meeting that Saddam's Iraq should be "a principal target of the first round of terrorism".


- Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, General Anatoli Kornukov, says it's "generally impossible" how the 9/11 attacks happened in the U.S.


- Mohammed Atta allegedly calls his father.




13 SEPT 2001

- On the 700 Club, TV evangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson say that pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and lesbians, the ACLU, and the People For the American Way were partially to blame for 9/11.


- The first partial passenger lists from all the four hijacked planes list no Arab names.


14 SEP 2001

- Fox News reports that if the asbestos “hysteria’ in the 1970’s hadn’t prevented the flame retardant material to be sprayed onto the steel structures above the 64th floor, that it would have delayed the melting of the steel structure of the WTC by 4 hours.



- Bush Administration allows members of the Bin Laden family and other top Saudi Arabian officials to be evacuated from the U.S. before the government's flight restrictions for the general public were lifted.


15 SEP 2001

- Rumsfeld sets up Office of Special Plans to create the rationale for the already planned attack on Iraq.  Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, worked in the Department of Defense and  witnessed how the DOD, Office of Special Plans, issued talking points about Iraq to Senior Government Officials to make sure they stayed on message concerning the WMD issue.  (Hijacking Catastrophe)


- War Council at Camp David. Wolfowitz says now is the perfect time to move against state-sponsored terrorists, including Iraq.  Powell tells the president that an international coalition would only come together for an attack on Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, not an invasion of Iraq. The war council votes with Powell. Rumsfeld abstains. The president decides that the war's first phase will be Afghanistan. Iraq will be reconsidered later. (PBS)


- Rumsfeld sets up Office of Special Plans to create the rationale for the already planned attack on Iraq.  Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, worked in the Department of Defense and  witnessed how the DOD, Office of Special Plans, issued talking points about Iraq to Senior Government Officials to make sure they stayed on message concerning the WMD issue.  (Hijacking Catastrophe)


- War Council at Camp David. Wolfowitz says now is the perfect time to move against state-sponsored terrorists, including Iraq.  Powell tells the president that an international coalition would only come together for an attack on Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, not an invasion of Iraq. The war council votes with Powell. Rumsfeld abstains. The president decides that the war's first phase will be Afghanistan. Iraq will be reconsidered later. (PBS)


16 SEP 2001

- President Bush claims that nobody had ever thought that terrorists would hijack U.S. airplanes and fly them into buildings despite evidence to the contrary and also talks about the decision he made to shoot down civilian airliners.


20 SEP 2001

- FBI Director Robert Mueller admits that some of the alleged 19 hijackers identities are in doubt as at least seven of them appear to be alive.


21 SEP 2001

- N.M. Tech expert retracts his statement that explosives were planted in the WTC.


- "A New Mexico explosives expert says he now believes there were no explosives in the World Trade Center towers, contrary to comments he made the day of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.  "Certainly the fire is what caused the building to fail," said Van Romero, a vice president at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.  The day of the attack, Romero told the Journal the towers' collapse, as seen in news videotapes, looked as though it had been triggered by carefully placed explosives.  Subsequent conversations with structural engineers and more detailed looks at the tape have led Romero to a different conclusion.


Romero supports other experts, who have said the intense heat of the jet fuel fires weakened the skyscrapers' steel structural beams to the point that they gave way under the weight of the floors above.  That set off a chain reaction, as upper floors pancake onto lower ones.  Romero said he believes still it is possible that the final collapse of each building was triggered by a sudden pressure pulse caused when the fire reached an electrical transformer or other source of combustion within the building.  But he said he now believes explosives would not have been needed to create the collapse seen in video images.


28 SEP 2001

-  The FBI claims to have found a letter handwritten in Arabic in the suitcase of Mohamed Atta -- which the letter lists Islamic prayers, instructions for a last night of life, and a checklist of reminders for their operation -- and claim to have found additional copies of the letter at the crash site of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania and at a Dulles International Airport parking lot in a car registered to one of the alleged hijackers on Flight 77.


- Judicial Watch blasts former President Bush Sr. for working with the bin Laden family business in Saudi Arabia through his company the Carlyle Group.


1 OCT 2001

- Many investigators into the 9/11 attacks believe that some of the initial clues that were uncovered about the terrorists' identities and preparations, such as flight manuals, were meant to be found and that whatever trail was left was "left deliberately for the F.B.I. to chase."




7 OCT 2001

- America starts bombing Afghanistan, only put 11,000 troops in…less than the size of the police force in NYC


12 OCT 2001

- In an interview with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld by Parade Magazine, Rumsfeld talks as if the Pentagon was hit by a missile on 9/11.




23 OCT 2001

- Air Force General Richard Myers said the military has never thought of the scenario of terrorists hijacking planes and using them as missiles despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


30 OCT 2001

- Hundreds of gold bars that had been stored in vaults under WTC 4 have been discovered by Ground Zero recovery workers in a delivery tunnel under WTC 5 that was being transported on the morning of September 11 by a 10-wheel truck that had been crushed along with several other cars by debris, yet no bodies were recovered during the recovery operation.




1 NOV 2001

- President Bush signs Executive Order 13233 which limits public access to presidential records.


7 NOV 2001

- United States finally goes to place where Bin Laden was supposed to be.

- US agents told to back off bin Ladens and Saudi Royals soon after George W Bush became president.


8 NOV 2001

- Suit: $100M Missing From WTC Brokerage




10 NOV 2001

- In a United Nations speech, Bush lashes out at conspiracy theories regarding the 9/11 attacks.


11 NOV 2001

- Osama Bin Laden allegedly admits to Sept 11 attacks in an undisclosed videotape after denying it repeatedly in multiple interviews.


21 NOV 2001

- President George W. Bush tells Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that he wants to develop a plan for war with Iraq. Bush later nominates Iraq as one of the members of an "axis of evil" that also includes Iran and North Korea.


30 NOV 2001

- Experts blame fire for the mysterious collapse of the WTC 7 on Sept. 11th which would make it the first steel high-rise building to collapse in history solely from a fire.




- One tank holding 6,000 gallons of fuel was in the building to provide power to the mayor's emergency command bunker on the 23rd floor. Another set of four tanks holding as much as 36,000 gallons was just below ground on the building's southwest side, for generators that served some of the other tenants.


MID DEC 2001

- Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.  Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains.




13 DEC 2001

- The Pentagon releases a poor quality amateur video that was supposedly made on November 9, 2001 and "found" in a house in Afghanistan that shows a husky looking Osama bragging about the 9/11 attacks and who is wearing a gold ring -- and possible gold watch -- which are strictly forbidden in Islam, and the Bush Administration uses this video to confirm his guilt and vindicate US military action in Afghanistan.  Even to a layperson’s eyes, this person is obviously NOT bin Laden.




14 DEC 2001

- President Bush says the video of Osama bin Laden discussing the attacks is a "devastating declaration of guilt" and scoffs at the notion that the tape might not be authentic.




25 DEC 2001

- During his surprise Christmas Eve trip to Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld referred to the flight being shot down – long a suspicion because of the danger the flight posed to Washington landmarks and population centers.